We Buy Cars/Trucks

If you are sick of getting the run around trying to sell your Car/Truck/SUV privately than come, see us. Like most people, you are probably busy. Trying to sell a vehicle privately can be a huge headache and can be dangerous. Trying to meet up with people can be a long laborious task and wont always lead to a quick and easy sale.

Within 10 minutes we will give you a fair market offer on anything with wheels. There is zero obligation and you don’t have to buy from us for us to buy from you. We will properly assess your vehicle and offer you an on the spot payment, no hassle, no fuss, no DMV line ups, no weekend meetings in parking lots. Even if you owe money on your vehicle we can still buy it, and best of all, we will help you pay off your loan. Quick and Easy. Its that simple.

Make sure to bring with you your Drivers Licence and Vehicle Permit/Title of Ownership. You can either call ahead, 902-252-1100, or drop in at 1100 Sackville Drive.